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Premium coconut-soy wax & double-scented fragrances
  • San Diego

    Coconut Cream • Sweet Banana • Palm Leaves

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  • North Shore

    Tropical Fruit • Palm Leaves • Sea Salt

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  • Waikiki Beach

    Coconut Cream • Banana Nectar • Plumeria

    Regular price ADD TO CART - $24.00
  • Malibu

    Eucalyptus Leaves • Cactus Flower • Cedarwood

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  • Sedona

    Eucalyptus • Desert Sage • Palo Santo

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  • Maui Pack

    Jaws • Road to Hana • Honolua Bay • Haleakala

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designed in Hawaii, made with Aloha

Golden State Glow 🌞

Nothing beats a sunset drive on the coast. This seaside bliss is a blend of wildflowers, palm leaves, fresh coconuts, and so much more.

  • Fine Fragrance

  • Coconut Soy Wax

  • Based in Hawaii

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"These candles are one of my favorite gift ideas ever"

"That Crazy Candle Couple" 🗣️

Learn how Lexi and Preston started pouring candles out of their beach bungalow in Hawaii to selling 13,258 candles in 10 months.

  • “Smelling your favorite places on earth with the light of a candle.”

  • “A local and grassroots business. This is the perfect holiday gift for friends and family...”

  • “... a new candle business that uses natural fragrances to trigger memories of iconic Hawai'i locations”

  • “...they have the passion for learning new things, and the tenacious spirit of an entrepreneur”