Inspired by our love of Hawaii.

Driven by our dedication to improving the quality of mind of others.

It’s Okay To Be ‘Scent-Imental’

In a land where palm trees sway and sunshine is plentiful, a spark of inspiration ignited a simple idea: to transform the way we remember and relive our most cherished memories.

And so, our journey began to create Postcards™ - not your average candle. These scented souvenirs are more than mere wax and wicks; they're portals to beloved places and cherished adventures. With each gentle inhale, they whisk you away to your own personal paradise, where the fondest memories await.

the original nostalgia brand™

This love story started with a plane ticket

Once upon a time at a rockin’ party, Lexi and Preston's eyes met, and in that moment, something magical sparked between them. But oh, fate had other plans - Lexi had to fly back home to Washington State! Preston, determined to begin a love story with her, quickly booked a flight to follow Lexi to her hometown - talk about a leap of courage!
It only took a week for them to fall in love, and before they knew it, they were 19-years-old and heading to Hawaii, chasing dreams and catching waves together.

"It's all about exploring new places and sharing adventures" - Lexi

They thought these core memories deserved more than a fleeting Instagram post or a stored-away photo album. And so, they embarked on a mission to reinvent the age-old tradition of sending a Postcard, turning every journey into a magical tale that could be sniffed, savored, and treasured forever.

Bring your best-day-evers home!
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