Candles That Catch The Eye & Nose ✨

We've helped stores from 5-star resorts all the way to boutique surf shops create custom products for their customers.

  • Custom Candle & Box Design: Tailored creation of candles and boxes to bring brands to life, ensuring a unique and captivating visual identity.
  • Aesthetic Packaging: High-quality packaging designed to catch the customer's eye, elevating the product's allure and appeal on shelves.
  • Sensory Adventure: Engage customers in a sensory journey through iconic USA locations, evoking memories and emotions through scents.
  • Transformative Shelf Presence: Stunning candle combinations that transform shelf space, drawing attention and invoking a desire for a mental escape.
  • Captivating Aromas: Choose from our assortment of scents that entice and transport customers, inviting them to experience a mental vacation through fine fragrances.

  • Submit Your Order:
    Initiate your journey by placing an order through our user-friendly platform. Choose your candle style, quantity, and specific requirements. Upon order receipt, expect an email confirmation.
  • Immediate Follow-Up:
    Our notifications are always on. We'll send a follow-up email within 6 hours to get a better understanding of how we can work to meet your vision.
  • Mood Board + Design:
    We create a personalized mood board and design concept for your custom candles, incorporating colors, themes, and any requested personalization. Expect design concepts for your approval before proceeding.
  • Candles En Route:
    Upon final design approval, we start crafting your custom candles and boxes. Production timelines vary based on order complexity, prioritizing quality and efficiency.

    This is our favorite part about owning a business. We love building relationships and working towards a common vision with new brands, businesses and people.


Custom Candles