Coconut-Soy Wax
We started pouring candles in a tiny church office in Kailua, Hawaii, serving hundreds of small businesses across the Hawaiian Islands. After 12 months and countless iterations, we tested dozens of different waxes and finally landed on our favorite: a creamy, white, and premium coconut-soy wax. This blend not only performs well in the Hawaiian heat but also provides a smooth and clean burn at home.

100% Cotton Wick
Every candle wick we use is made with pure cotton and is free from heavy metals like lead. Our commitment to quality ensures that each candle burns cleanly and evenly, enhancing your experience with a consistent and pleasant glow.

Fragrance Oils
Since August, we have been collaborating with a perfume and fragrance team to bring you the best-smelling candles available. Our fragrance oils are sourced sustainably from around the globe, ensuring that every scent is both captivating and responsibly harvested.

Our signature candles come in 8.5 oz tin containers, designed as a statement piece for your bedroom, or an easy carry-on from vacation. We use advanced printing machinery to replicate our hand-drawn illustrations perfectly onto these colorful containers, making each candle a piece of art.

Postcards Box
Our new boxes are crafted from heavy-duty, reinforced cardboard, providing unmatched levels of durability and aesthetic appeal. Each box features a space for you to write your own Postcard or note on the back. When you’re done, please recycle the box to help us protect the environment.

Experience the Aloha Spirit with Every Burn
Our candles are a labor of love, reflecting our journey from a small church office in Kailua to bringing joy and tranquility to homes everywhere.

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